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Take Your Website to the Next Level with These Resources

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Take Your Website to the Next Level with These Resources

As a small business owner, there are times when you need professional assistance to take your web-based projects to the next level. If you’re starting to feel like your website is a bit drab, check out these essential helpful solutions from the experts at Twig Websites.

Hire a Web Developer

Many small businesses now use drag and drop web builders, or pre-made templates, to create their websites. This strategy is inexpensive, easy, and efficient. The problem with this approach is that it can lead to your website looking the same as everyone else’s.

Therefore, it can prove to be worthwhile to hire a developer if you want to make your website stand out from the crowd. Find out how Twig Websites can help you.

Have a Social Media Strategy

Although you would think every business is aware of the importance of social media, an astounding 40% lack a presence on social media. You can beat your competition just by being active on social media. However, that alone isn’t enough to turn the tides.

By investing in some specific tools, you can develop an effective social media strategy for success. With the help of Buffer, you can schedule and analyze posts to give you the edge you need.

However, you can also use tools like Unsplash and Canva for sharing high-quality graphics, videos, and photos. Please note that if you plan to share JPG files, their file sizes can get quite large, making it inconvenient to send over email and upload.

Reducing the file size will cause your images to look low-res and unattractive unless you use a JPG-to-PDF converter like SodaPDF. And if you have a lot of images, you can put them in a PDF and merge them into one, thereby saving on total file size.

Make Sure Your Website Is Consumer-Friendly

When the internet first became popular, website creators attempted to stuff as many things onto their pages as possible. Nearly three decades later, we’ve learned that this isn’t the most welcoming method.

As such, it would benefit both you and your visitors if you cut down on unnecessary graphics, colors, and imagery in order to provide a more accessible website. The same rules apply to social media, so try not to overwhelm your followers with too much content at one time.

Streamline Email Campaigns

Instead of simply sending emails to potential clients and hoping for the best, develop a follow-up plan to stay in contact with your email recipients. You will find that you get much better feedback when you follow through with your email marketing strategies.

Form an LLC

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate that can pull your attention away from your web-based projects. You can free up that valuable time by forming an LLC and enjoying benefits like tax breaks, less paperwork, limited liability, and greater flexibility.

Please note, though, that LLC regulations are different in every state, so always check a state’s rules first to ensure that you fully understand their laws.

Sharpen Your Business Skills

You can improve your online capabilities exponentially by enrolling in online learning programs. In doing so, you can manage your web-based projects successfully without having to hire a professional service to assist you.

Even better, many of these online courses, even MBAs, have flexible hours to fit your busy schedule. The knowledge and skills you learn will go a long way in helping you take your company to new heights.

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